Poltergeist will be a dynamic campaign for Arma 3 tailored to the Battle Collective.  I’m hoping to make good use of our 12-slot server by tweaking the missions to fit the amount of players, while still trying to keep Arma’s sense of scale.

The campaign will be a series of missions with various objectives for the players to complete.  By dynamic campaign, I mean that what I’d like to do is create the missions as we play through them, giving the feel of a persistent world where your actions (or inaction) in the previous mission may have positive or negative consequences in the next “episode.”

The scenario for Poltergeist will take place in an alternate modern-day Ukraine (i.e. Chernarus) and is loosely based on current events, particularly the tension with the Russian Federation after the annexation of Crimea.

Episode 1 will have the players conducting a false flag attack on our fictional Ukraine;

Uniformed as Russian forces, Poltergeist 1 will move by small boat from the Black Sea to the southeast Chernarusian coast.  The first order of business will be to cut off power to the coastline by severing connections to a power plant in Elektrogorsk.  From there, Poltergeist 1 has full autonomy to complete its assigned tasks.

Poltergeist 1 will operate (ideally) as a 12-man squad, divided into two or three fireteams depending on the needs of the mission.  Communication will be vital.  There will be 14 or more roles available for each mission throughout the campaign, so players will have to choose wisely which roles are more important or relevant to the mission at hand.


I’m hoping to have each mission done from week to week, but they may take longer.  Episode 1 has taken me two weeks to complete, but I’ll try to have the missions ready for each of our game nights.

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